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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Presentation guidelines, schedule

1. 3-page paper, handed into prof day of presentation
2. 1-page outline to each member of class
3. 10-minute presentation
4. Must include: (Hint: make outline for class first)
  • Powerpoint optional, but must include photographs, visuals, including photograph, dated timeline chart of life
  • List of important journalism by title, or work
  • A brief sample of their work
  • Why they're important to American journalism
  • Lessons for today?
Nov. 3--Casey, Ereich
Nov. 8--McKenna, Taylor
Nov. 10--Derrick, Alex
Nov. 15--Grecia, Auri
Nov. 17--Macy, Blaze
Nov. 22--Nate, Evelyn
Nov. 29--Peter, Meagan
Dec. 1--T.J., Carolyn
Dec. 6--Rachel

Remainder of semester schedule
Oct. 25-27--Jazz, radio, Depression
Nov. 1-2--World War II
Nov. 8-1---Television, 1950s
Nov. 15-17--Vietnam, Watergate
Nov. 22--Satellites, computers, cable
Nov. 29-Dec. 1--Internet, digital
Dec. 6-9--"Social," trends

Media evaluation paper due Dec. 9

Dec. 13--Final Test

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