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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Journalism endorsements--do they matter?

Article in New York Times The editorialists have spoken, but will the voters listen?

Read and commentbelow--what do you think? By 5 pm Wednesday, Oct.12.


  1. I find it kind of hilarious people will completely unsubscribe from a newspaper/organization if they don't agree with/don't like their endorsement of a certain political candidate. I mean, what people do with their money is their business but what good are we doing if we don't listen to the opinions around us and hear them instead of throwing out all respect the reader once had for a news organization? Maybe I'm too far away from the source to know, maybe I'm too interested in what every side of the story has to say but sure that is probably what led me to journalism. I love the fact that I have the right to hear, listen and understand the world around me. Instead of listening lets disregard their comment because it doesn't agree with our viewpoint or our agenda. What a world we live in.

  2. This article shows the state of our country at this particular time and the issues that is plaguing the nation. With people unsubscribing from newspapers and choosing not to listen to the messages that are out there, it presents a clear issue on the knowledge that Americans have. If this trend of not listening to newspapers continue, then I believe that our society will continue to degrade lower than its current state.

  3. I do believe that media endorsements matter to a certain extent. It doesn't matter if we want to believe it or not but the media shapes and molds our perceptions and thoughts so I do believe that it effects us in that way when we're consistently seeing the endorsement of Clinton over Trump. It is interesting that certain papers are endorsing a nominee as they usually don't tend to. Some papers are losing subscribers due to them endorsing a nominee that the now cancelled subscriber doesn't like. It's a really tough decision to make as editor but they must believe that it's too important of an issue to just not run their endorsement.

  4. I agree to an extent that media endorsements do matter. The media is the single, biggest visual medium that molds and adds to our ideology. I feel that all media should try to remain as unbiased as possible. I believe that there is an even bigger shift in this election away from the media, because the biases of the media have strongly come into play. I strongly believe that the newspaper industry should stay clear of endorsements, it just spells trouble for their slowly dwindling industry.