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Monday, August 29, 2016

Up for "adoption"

Here are some of the journalists you can consider for "adoption" projects:

Anna Quindlen
Maureen Dowd
xIda Wells
xNelly Bly
Katharine Graham
Marguerite Higgins
Margaret Fuller
Helen Thomas 
xMartha Gelhorn
Annie Laurie
xDorothea Lange
Mary Wells
xMolly Ivins
Sarah McClendon
Tina Brown
xIda Tarbell
Jessica Savitch
Nan Robertson
Linda Ellerbee
xDickey Chappelle
xMargaret Bourke White
Edward Murrow
xWalter Cronkite 
xRobert Capa
Ernie Pyle
Hunter Thompson
xTom Wolfe
xWoodward and Bernstein
xAnthony Shadid
xH.L. Mencken
Seymor Hersh
xJohn Hersey
William Shirer
Jimmy Breslin
xWalter Lippman
Heywood Broun
xHoward Cosell
xGrantland Rice

xThomas Friedman
Eddie Adams

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