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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Fear and Loathing--Is this journalism?

Gonzo Journalism

Assignment: What is Gonzo journalism? Comment below by 5 pm Aug. 24,


  1. Gonzo journalism is when you, the reporter, indulge yourself into the story and become involved in whatever you are covering. This usually neglects objectivity and is written in first-person. It also brings up ethical issues. ~Eriech Tapia

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  3. Gonzo journalism is when the reporter becomes a part of the story. It is written in a first person narrative. -Peter Agnitsch

  4. Gonzo journalism is when you as the reporter involve yourself in the story.
    -Taylor Varner

  5. Gonzo journalism is when the reporter places themselves in the story and is written in first person. This type of journalism is usually used to cover ethical issues in our country.