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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Assignments and questions

Nov. 8 History of Journalism
Review of election section, NY Times, discussion

Substitute on mid term--paragraphs
  1. Two paragraph assignments on blog on ’Nam and civil rights movement, from previous blog reading—Due Thursday
  2. One paragraph on effect of social media on this election--your views
  3. Potential final question each on Bourke-White, Friedman from last week due Thursday
  4. Two questions from today's presentations on Cronkite and Paley due Thursday
  5. What final question from history of TV video on blog ?
    Summary--three paragraphs, and five questions 
Earlier final questions you have submitted
1.     War cartoonist
2.     London bombing
3.     FDR press conferences, 12 years
4.     Marine flag raising photog
5.     Name of soldier’s publication
6.     Largest publishing empire owner
7.     Love broadcast of what disaster
8.      News reels primary goals
9.     Dorothea Lange known for
10.  Photo magazine started in 1936
11.  Congress act I n 1934 regulating broadcast
12.  Why newsreels die out

From today:
TV news questions
1.     Cronkite questions
2.     ‘Nam and TV from blog reading
3.     Civil Rights and TV from blog reading
TV and news

Summary--three paragraphs, and five questions

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